ReidNikkismall-4381I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I spent more time sketching, and creating things than paying attention in most classes (oops).  I’ve found that art has always been a way for me to communicate with the world and tell a story.  Where my words fell short, creating things came in handy.  Photography is simply an amazing extension of that.  To me, photography is a way to capture memories and intricate details that God has created.  It totally stirs my affections for Jesus and really helps me to appreciate how much of an artist and creator God is.  We are each created differently and I love finding a shot that really shows your personality.  Each and every person is beautiful in very unique ways, and what a sweet job I have to capture those ways.  My photos are all about telling a story and my desire is to capture feelings and candid moments that you can look at and instantly connect with. Take a look around and if my style seems like a match, email me!

Here are 13 of my need to know’s:

  1. I love Jesus Christ and he comes first in my life- because of his death on the cross, I live in freedom and get the hope of heaven with Him!
  2. I love chocolate – serious understatement – any kind.
  3. I’m a dog over cat kind of gal, but love animals all together.
  4. I played college soccer and love the sport, specifically the US Women’s National Team.
  5. I would describe myself as a type b, driven, all in, loyal, free bird (or type C as my husband describes) .
  6. I am married to the only boy who has ever given me nervous butterflies.
  7. I love to wakeboard and am currently learning how to get some air, ah yeah!
  8. I don’t fit into any typical stereotype.
  9. I am a Canon gal but also love my new Fuji camera.
  10. I love to meet new people and hear their story.
  11. I hate goodbyes (ha sounds like the line from Dumb and Dumber) but seriously, I hate them.  I would rather not say goodbye and just hope to see you again.  Goodbye seems so final.
  12. I graduated with a marketing and graphic design degree.
  13. I’ve often dreamt of selling our things and living out of a sweet VW van (or maybe a boat), traveling the country.