Justin + Molly

Molly was like the sister I never had (although I did pretend my little brother was a sister for brief period of time when he was born 🙂 ).  She is the younger sister to my high school best friend and from day one Molly had a class and style of her own.  In fact, to this day Ash (her sister) and I talk about how Molly was so much cooler than us both ha.  When I found out she was engaged, I couldn’t help but wonder who this significant guy was.  Would he live up to be the man this classy little sister of mine, deserved?  Oh yea.  After meeting him I started to witness just how much he loves and brings out the best in Molly.  I loved getting a front seat to Molly and Justin’s wedding.  It was pure magic when the snow started to fall, like a snow globe, in downtown St. Paul.  Here are a few of my favorites!

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