These guys are the sweetest.  They both went to college together at Bethel and had a similar friend group.  I asked them if they both liked each other long before they were dating and in unison, they both paused…..smiled at each other, and said yes.  We showed up to take some photos in one of their favorite spots, when we discovered it was literally on fire.  Don’t worry, just controlled burning, but still just as shocking.  We laughed when some of the spots they picked out were surrounded by flames and monitors of the fire.  They were totally go with the flow and we found plenty of spots to work with.  The smoke actually created a nice sun diffuser too.  Here are just a few of my favs!B+B_EngagementSM-25 B+B_EngagementSM-30 B+B_EngagementSM-32 B+B_EngagementSM-38 B+B_EngagementSM-40 B+B_EngagementSM-41 B+B_EngagementSM-49 B+B_EngagementSM-50 B+B_EngagementSM-73 B+B_EngagementSM-111 B+B_EngagementSM-139 B+B_EngagementSM-156 B+B_EngagementSM-157 B+B_EngagementSM-170 B+B_EngagementSM-173 B+B_EngagementSM-174 B+B_EngagementSM-182 B+B_EngagementSM-214

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