Katy and Peter are two of the sweetest people around.  Like the kind of people you dream of being neighbors with.  They decided to renew their vows and make continued promises to each other on this gorgeous cliff side.  These two had a some of favorite style choices to date.  The gorgeous invites are a creation of Beloved Pine designs and played perfectly off the fun Bow Tie from The Bow Tie Shoppe.  Katy looked gorgeous in a gown from quite possibly the cutest bridal shoppe in MN, A&Be Minneapolis (seriously, it’s such a magical place).  Her boho waves and dramatic makeup were done by SM Makeup Inc and all florals were hand tied by Ann of The Flower Fades.  One of the coolest parts of this day was seeing just how much these two are still totally in love with each other.  Definitely something that’s not promised over the course of marriage this day in age – but these two seem to be more in love, than the day they said “I do.”

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