Annika and Eric had a perfect venue for the outdoor enthusiast (aka me 🙂 ).  My heart was swooning over the tall pines and mini cabins at this MN camp.  The joy between these two was totally contagious and I couldn’t stop smiling all day.  They also had some of the prettiest lavender bouquets I’ve seen.

E+A_Wedding_SM-4515 E+A_Wedding_SM-4518 E+A_Wedding_SM-4614 E+A_Wedding_SM-4617 E+A_Wedding_SM-4651 E+A_Wedding_SM-4653 E+A_Wedding_SM-4666 E+A_Wedding_SM-4673 E+A_Wedding_SM-4685 E+A_Wedding_SM-4690 E+A_Wedding_SM-4764 E+A_Wedding_SM-4765 E+A_Wedding_SM-4838 E+A_Wedding_SM-4897 E+A_Wedding_SM-4903 E+A_Wedding_SM-4943 E+A_Wedding_SM-4998 E+A_Wedding_SM-5000 E+A_Wedding_SM-5023 E+A_Wedding_SM-5030 E+A_Wedding_SM-5056 E+A_Wedding_SM-5065 E+A_Wedding_SM-5141 E+A_Wedding_SM-5168 E+A_Wedding_SM-5283 E+A_Wedding_SM-5295 E+A_Wedding_SM-5403 E+A_Wedding_SM-5492 E+A_Wedding_SM-5509 E+A_Wedding_SM-6348 E+A_Wedding_SM-6386 E+A_Wedding_SM-6388 E+A_Wedding_SM-6398 E+A_Wedding_SM-6443 E+A_Wedding_SM-6444 E+A_Wedding_SM-6469 E+A_Wedding_SM-6511ric

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