These two braved the cold for an early morning shoot at Centennial Lakes!  You wouldn’t be able to tell with how stink’in cute they are.  They are so sweet to one another, and couples like this make my job not much of a job at all.  Check out the fall colors we had too!  God is such an artist!

J+T_EngagementSmall-6658 J+T_EngagementSmall-6918 J+T_EngagementSmall-6950 J+T_EngagementSmall-7293 J+T_EngagementSmall-7448 J+T_EngagementSmall-7709 J+T_EngagementSmall-7717 J+T_EngagementSmall-7730 J+T_EngagementSmall-7777

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